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بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

Shaykh Ubaid Al-Jaabaree’s tazkiyah for Dr. Murtaza Bakhsh (PDF File)

Three Fundamental Principals by Dr. Murtaza Bakhsh (ثَلاثَةُ الاُصول)

Dars #1 |      Dars #2 |     Dars #3 |     Dars #4
Dars #5 |      Dars #6 |     Dars #7 |    Dars #8
Dars #9 |      Dars #10Dars #11 |   Dars #12
Dars #13 |    Dars #14 Dars #15 |   Dars #16
Dars #17 |    Dars #18Dars #19

  1. MANSOOR ALI KHAN permalink

    i am intrasted in programas

  2. Aboo Bilal Nahim ibn Abd al Majid permalink

    Assalam o Alaykum Abu Musa

    Why don’t you post of more duroos in Urdu delivered by Dr Murtaza Baksh from his website

    Lessons on

    Arkanay Islam – 33 lectures
    Aqeedah AhleSunnah
    Asama Ul Husna – 33 lectures
    Ilmi Duroos – 19 lectures
    Jadu ki Dunya – 10 lectures
    Khutbaat – 100+
    Kitaab at-Tawheed – 107 lectures
    Mustalay-ul-Hadith – 44 lectures
    Qawaid al-Araba – 5 lectures
    Thalathatul-Usool – 19 lectures

    And much, much more…

    • I will add that Website on my Authentic Websites list so everyone can download the lectures directly from there. Additionally, you can visit to download a lot of lectures by Dr. Murtaza Bakhsh.

      JazakAllahu khair

  3. Abdur Rashid permalink

    I respect & honour to my teacher Dr. MURTAZ

  4. uhammad Atif permalink

    Asalam u alaikum,
    Kindly send me any contact information about Dr murtaza bin bakhsh so that i can write a letter or call him or atleast send him e mail for some questions.there is no info on their website
    Muhammad Atif

  5. Muhammad Atif permalink

    asalam u alaikum,
    Abdur Rashid bhai,
    Kindly send me the address of Dr Murtaza bin Bakhsh so that i can write a letter to him.JazakAllah

  6. Saeed permalink

    Asalam o alaikum, Duroos of Dr Murtaza are no doubt a treasure & it’s only the Allah Subhanawatallah will reward him, Amin. Here in UK this new generation who only understands English are really in a grave need of these lectures. Can someone pass my email to Dr Murtza so we can come up with translating these lectures into English and put on Dr Murtaza’s website for English audience to listen to. No doubt it will be a mammoth task but look at the running charity behind this, Allah o Akbar. Therefore can someone either my email to dr sahib or give dr sahib’s email so that I can contact him. Jazakomullah khair. Saeed

    • WAlaikum as-salam warahmatullah brother,

      I will go ahead and send your note over to the brothers who sit with Dr. Murtaza on a regular basis and see what they come up with insha Allah. No doubt his lectures are a treasure for all of us and it would be very beneficial to have them translated in English.

      barkaAllahu feek,
      Abu Musa Atif

  7. sulaiman permalink

    I want up dates

  8. how can we contact dr murtaza baksh , in order to get some guidance?

  9. Asalaam alikum .
    Bro thanks for these lectures.there is problem in audio soi want that in form of pdf format .that will be your most kindness

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