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Ifadiyat-e-Nikah اِفادیتِ نکاح by Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas

  1. syedmuzali permalink

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    • Walaikum salam warahmatullah.

      Akh, we don’t share links to this blog unless we know the author of the blog. Additionally, the Website link you shared has some speakers listed who are unknown to us. Due to the corruption in the religion we only share the links of those speakers who are well known among the Salafi scholars and students of knowledge. You can visit for a lot of Urdu lectures on various topics by Dr. Murtaza Bakhsh.

      BarakAllahu feekum.
      Abu Musa Atif

  2. Sumaya Bashir permalink

    Asalamwalaykum brothers.
    I would request you to give me- Dr Murtaza Baksh- direct contact details, preferably number, for some help with regards to some issues. Inshallaah your help would be appreciated.
    Jazakallaah– Umm Asmaa

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