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Who Are The Salaf

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
The meaning of the [word] Salaf is (Al-Mutaqaddimoon) the predecessors so every person that precedes another is a salaf for him but when this term is used unrestrictedly then it only refers to the first three praised generations from the companions (as-Sahaabah) and those that followed them (at-Taabi’oon) and those that followed them [Atba’ at-Taabyi’een]. They indeed are the pious predecessors (as-Salaf as-Saaleh). Whoever came after them and traversed upon their way (Minhaaj) then he is like them upon the way of the Salaf; even though he may have come after them with regards to time because as-Salafiyyah is a designation which applies to the way (Minhaaj)) which was traversed by the pious predecessors (as-Salaf as-Saaleh) (رضي الله عنهم) as the Prophet (عليه الصلاة والسلام) said:

إني أمتي ستفترق على ثلاثة وسبعين فرقة كلها في النار إلا واحدة وهي الجماعة

“Indeed my nation will split into seventy three sects all of them in the Fire except one and it is the united body (al-Jamaa’ah)”

and in another wording,

من كان على مثل ما أنا عليه وأصحابي

“..whoever is upon the same as what I am upon and my companions.”

So based upon that then as-Salafiyyah here is specific in meaning, hence whoever is upon the way (Minhaaj) of the Sahaabah, the Taabi’oon and those who followed them upon goodness then he is a Salafi even if he is in our contemporary times and whilst it being the fourteenth century after the Migration [of the Prophet] (al-Hijrah).

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen
Fataawa Noor ‘alaa al-Darb: at-Tawheed wal-‘Aqeedah.

Source: FatwaIslam

What Is Salafiyyah?

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
Author: Shaikh Ahmad Bin Yahya An Najmee (may Allah have mercy upon him)
Translator: Abu ‘Abdis Salaam Siddiq Al Juyaanee

As Salafiyyah is a connection to the Salaf. The Salaf are companions of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) and those who follow them in good from the first three virtuous generations and then (all those) after them (who follow them and are upon their way). This is Salafiyyah. An affiliation to Salafiyyah means (that one) affiliates (his/herself) to that which the companions of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) were upon and the way of the people of Hadeeth. The people of Hadeeth are those who are upon the Salafy methodology and follow it. As Salafiyyah is the (proper) belief in the names and attributes of Allah, the (proper) belief in Qadar and the (proper) belief in the Sahaabah (companions of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi was sallam) and so on and so forth.

The Salaf believe in Allah and in His beautiful names and exalted attributes that He (Allah) has described Himself with; and that which He was described with, by His Messenger (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wasallam). They believed in (His names and attributes) in a manner that befits the majesty of Allah (Subhaanahu wat Ta’ala), without distorting them, nor resembling them to the creation, nor negating them nor explaining them with false and erroneous explanations.

They believe in Qadar the good and bad of it and that a servant’s Imaan (faith) is not complete until he believes in the Qadar that Allah has decreed upon His Servants. Allah says,

إِنَّا كُلَّ شَيْءٍ خَلَقْنَاهُ بِقَدَرٍ

Verily, We have created all things with Qadar (Divine Preordainments of all things before their creation, as written in the Book of Decrees Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz). (Surah Al-Qamar 54:49)

As far as the (proper belief with regards to the) Sahaabah, this means the belief, that it is incumbent to be pleased with the companions of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) and that all of them are trustworthy and that they are the best of the Ummah and the best generation. The belief that every one of them is trustworthy, opposes that which is believed by the Shi’ah and the Khawaarij who considered the companions of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) to be disbelievers and did not recognize their rights or the truth (of their noble position).

Salafiyyah does not have a leader other than the Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam). The Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) is the Imaam of Salafiyyah and the example (that is to be followed). The companions of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) are (also) examples (to be followed). The foundation (or source) of this principle (can be found) in the statement of the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam),

“The Jews split into seventy one groups. The Christians split into seventy two groups. This Ummah will split into seventy three groups; all of them will be in the fire except one.” They (the Sahaabah) said, “Who are they (that saved group) O Messenger of Allah?” He, (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) said, “They are the ones who are upon the like of what I and my companions are upon.” [Hadeeth collected by Imaam Abu Dawood, Imaam Ibn Maajah, Imaam Ahmad, and Imaam Ad Daaramee. Graded hassan saheeh by Imaam Al Albaanee]

And his (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam’s) statement in the hadeeth of Al ‘Irbaad bin Saariyah (radi Allahu ‘anhu) who described the Prophet’s (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) sermon, and that afterwards he (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) advised them to fear Allah. He (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) said,

“I advise you to fear Allah and to listen and obey (the Muslim ruler), even if a slave was to become your ruler.”

Then he (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) ordered that his Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly guided khulafaa (plural of khaleefah) be followed. He (sallAllaahu ‘alahi wasallam) said,

“Incumbent upon you is my sunnah and the sunnah of the rightly guided khulafaa after me, bite (hold) onto it with your molar teeth. And beware of newly invented matters (in the religion), for verily every newly invented matter (in the religion) is a bid’ah and every bid’ah is a misguidance.” [Hadeeth collected by Imaam At Tirmathee, and graded saheeh by Imaam Al Albaanee]

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