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Can We Take Knowledge from Dr. Farhat Hashmi – Dr. Murtaza Bakhsh [URDU]

April 12, 2013

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

May Allah reward our noble brother Dr. Murtaza Bakhsh for the refutation of the Dr. Farhat Hashmi and her aqeedah and manhaj. Most of the people who claim themselves to be ahlulhadeeth are influenced by the lectures of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. I still remember my mother and sister would play her audio so the entire family could hear them but alhamdulillah this refutation will suffice those who listen to her lectures. We ask Allah to guide us to the straight path, ameen.

The audio file could be download from the following link:

Audio Courtesy: أبو بلال نعيم بن عبد المجيد @ KSA_Dawah

  1. Assalamualykum akhee . This is Javid Hussain . Can we follow Yahya al Hajoori and Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid .Are they both Salafi. Some people say , we can take knowledge while the others confuse me that we should not take from them both . Can you please clarify ?

    Thank you

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