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Recent Updates Regarding Masjid Rahmah, Newark, New Jersey, USA

June 23, 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Aslamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

First of all, we thank Allah عزَّ وجلَّ for aiding us in rectifying the affairs at Masjid Rahmah in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Then we thank all the brothers who got together and were concerned about the matter and helped one another to bring the community back to where it was, walhamdulillah. Our gathering with our noble brother Hasan As-Somali حفظه الله last night (2nd of Sha’baan 1433 AH (Friday 23 June 2012 AD)) was a great pleasure and beneficial at the same time. It was very pleasing to see all the brothers upon the Sunnah of Prophet صلَّى اللهُ عليه وآله وسَلَّم. The itinerary stated that there is going to be a class of Aqeedah Ar-Razain but our Brother Hasan As-Somali changed the topic and talked about the Brotherhood and Companionship in Islaam. He went over the book of Allamah Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdisi (رحمه الله). It was a great reminder for all of us and a wake up call so we could reestablish the community upon the Tawheed, Sunnah, and upon the understanding of Salaf as-Saalih.

For those who are unaware of situation regarding Masjid Rahmah, please read this letter at sent by the new administration of the Masjid to our father, duktoor, al-allamah Rabee bin Hadee al-Madkhalee (حفظه الله). In brief, the new administration stated that they have changed the former administration and they are prepared to correspond with our Salafi brothers in America and anywhere in the west.

It is a great news not only for the Masjid administration but also for those who have been benefiting from all the duroos and khutub of the scholars and the students of knowledge for a long time.

Our Noble brother Hasan As-Somali حفظه الله will start the dars on the topic of Aqeedah of Ar-Raaziyaan tonight right after the Maghrib salah insha Allah. We encourage all the brothers to participate in this beneficial gathering.

We ask Allah to aid and assist us in gaining beneficial knowledge, righteous actions, and spreading the dawah Salafiyah, ameen.

جزاكم الله خير وبارك الله فيكم
Abu Musa Atif
Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

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  1. Dawn Battles permalink

    As salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu I would like to no when will you have a new shahada class in shaa Allaah

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