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A Clarification on Al-Khidr (عليه السلام) by Shaykh Bin Baaz

February 26, 2012

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

A calamity to this ummah is the fabricated stories mentioned in the books of many deviant sects and groups. You will find the name of Al-Khidr all over in the books for Brelvis, Deobandis, and Tableeghis that he aided some person in the desert and many other places. Please read the following fatawa by Shaykh Bin Baaz regarding Al-Khidr الخضر.

Shaykh’s Words

The truth is that Al-Khidr died long ago, even before the Prophet’s mission. He is not alive and this is a lie, according to the preponderant opinion of Muslim scholars. In fact, Al-Khidr (peace be upon him) died before the missions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Prophet `Eisa (peace be upon him). We know that Al-Khidr is a prophet, as understood from the Qur’an. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said in a Hadith Sahih (authentic Hadith):

“I am the nearest of all the people to the son of Mary (i.e. `Eisa), and all the prophets are paternal brothers, and there has been no prophet between me and him (`Eisa).”

[Al-Bukhari, Book on Prophets, no. 3186; and Muslim, Book on virtues, no. 4360] This denotes that Al-Khidr died long before this time. Assuming he was not a prophet, but just a righteous man, he would have contacted the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Furthermore, if we assume that he did not contact the Prophet (peace be upon him) but was alive at that time, he must have died during the following one hundred years. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said towards the end of his life:

“You see this night of yours. Well, one hundred years (from tonight), none of the people living on earth now will still be alive.”

[Narrated by Muslim, Book on merits of the Companions, no. 4605; and Al-Tirmidhy, Book on trials, no. 2177] This means that none of those living at the time will be alive after one hundred years, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said. Based on that, Al-Khidr is dead and anyone who claims seeing him is either a liar or the one he saw is the liar. This person is not Al-Khidr, but a devil whether from among the humans or jinn (creatures created from fire). As for the person who heals people by wiping over the place of pain, the matter should be examined. If he is a righteous good Muslim, who recites Qur’an over the sick and asks Allah (Exalted be He) to heal them, there is no harm in what he does, even if he takes money for it. However, if he is known to be evil, he should be stopped by the authorities and none should seek his help. Mostly, he will be a sorcerer, a charlatan or someone seeking the help of jinn to devour people’s money unjustly. We ask Allah to protect and save us!


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