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The Story of Dawwood Burbank (رحمه الله) by Shaykh Falaah Ismaeel

November 1, 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I was shocked to hear the news about the death of our beloved brother Dawood Burbank this morning. A brother told me this morning that he died in the state of Ihraam, may Allah have mercy upon him and his wife, ameen. I was just thinking of the story we heard from our Shaykh Falaah Ismaeel back in February when he was visiting the us here in New Jersey and he gave a very beneficial lecture titled “Following the Salaf in Aqeedah, Ibadaat, Ikhlaaq, and Muamlaat” in which he mentioned the story of Dawood Burbank and his acceptance of Islaam. Shaykh Falaah said:

I met Dawood about 30 years ago when Dawood was studying in Madinah (Saudi Arabia). We used to live together and sit with Ulemah. He was a very good student, he was excellent in the first year, excellent in the second, and in the third year but when the forth year started, he came to me and told me that I would like to go back to my home country (United Kingdom). Everybody asked him that why you want to leave, you are almost there, finish your education, get your degree, and then leave. Dawood began to cry and said that he got a phone call from his family member and they told him that his father is very sick and he is in the hospital and the family is afraid that he may die (upon kufr). We told Dawood that your father may not die, a lot of people go to the hospital but not everyone dies immediately. But Dawood said that something in my heart telling me to leave. So he got on the plane and went back and didn’t finish the forth and last year of the Universityl. The Shaykh said that Dawood didn’t care about the degree. He was truthful with Allah as related to guiding his father to Al-Islam and Allah was truthful with him as well. He went back and after a couple of days, we talked to him and he said alhamdulillah my father has accepted Islam. He said that alhamdulillah my father died upon Islam in the same hospital. The Shaykh said I visited him after many years and Dawood said that now my mother is Muslim and my whole family is Muslim. The Shaykh said what we learn from this story that if you really care about your family and they are non Muslims, then focus your time and do what you can, the success is with Allah (سبحانه وتعالى).

Br. Abu Muhammad Al-Maghribi (حفظه الله) translated this lecture. You can listen or download the complete lecture from the following link:

The Messenger of Allah صلَّى اللهُ عليه وآله وسَلَّم said: if a person he dies then his actions are cut off except by way of three things, a charity he gives which continues to benefit the people or knowledge he leaves behind or Indeed a righteous child that makes dua for him.

Part 2

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  1. Dawud Burbank


    from Dawud ibn Ronald Burbank to whomever it

    may concern from the people of the Sunnah:

    as-Salaamu `alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

    As for this story, then it has indeed been mistakenly

    connected to me,and is actually about someone else; and

    as for me, my father wasn’t in hospital, never became

    Muslim; and nothing like that was a reason for my

    returning from the University; wallaahul-Musta`aan, wa

    qaddarallaah wa maa shaa. fa`ala.

    So, in short, the story is fine, but it’s not connected to me.

    As for for the noble Shaikh, then he always has good

    thoughts about his brothers -may Allaah preserve him

    upon good, and preserve his health, and grant him well

    being and security from harm- and he gives freely from the

    vast treasure of beautiful and beneficial stories which he

    has amassed over the years; along with the beneficial

    knowledge he conveys, and his staunchness upon the

    Sunnah and defence of the Salafee Manhaj, and rebuttal of

    the methodologies of the people of Innovation and

    Hizbiyyah -may Allaah preserve him. So, from his good

    thoughts about brothers, he has taken an incident from all

    those years ago, and remembered it, but as Allaah -the

    Most High and the One free of all imperfections- willed,

    a person not deserving of it was quoted as being the

    person involved, so it necessitates that I clarify that the

    brother with the virtue mentioned in the story is someone

    other than myself,

    was-Salaamu `alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

    Dawud Burbank

    one of the salafi ikhwaan said it refers to bilal davis…

  2. Asalamu’alaykum akhi…

    This narration is a mistake that has been verified by Dawood s family. Shaykh Falaah was mistaken in the name of the individual he mentioned in the story. It may be better to leave off this post inshaa Allaah. You may verify what I have wrote by any of the brothers at spubs.

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