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Masjdul Bayaan Needs Your Donations

August 19, 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I just received an email from our brother Abu Hafsah Kashiff Khan (The Imam of Masjdul Bayaan, Asbury Park, NJ) stating that they are in need of 3400 by this Sunday. This is the Masjid where a lot brothers I know including me benefited (and still benefiting) regarding learning our deen. So we encourage all the readers of this blog to donate generously so we can continue to benefit from the masjid. For more information, you can visit  I am also copying the email I received from Br. Kashiff Khan below:

Assalamu Alaikum;
As the brothers are well aware of, we successfully organized and held our First Annual Salafi Conference this year in New Jersey, and all praise belongs to Allaah! Walhamdu lillah, we had a turn out of well over 3000 people, and were blessed with a chance to benefit from our Shaykh Falaah bin Ismail Al Mundikar. We thank all the brothers that helped before, during, and after the event.
As the brothers are also aware of, at the advice of our scholars, we did not charge an entrance fee from those that attended, nor did we obligate anything on them financially. Many of the Maraakiz and Masaajid gave monetary assistance to establish this event:
The brothers from Michigan gave almost $9000.00
The brothers from Philadelphia gave almost $4000.00
I myself, have given over $4000.00 of my own money. I am not saying this to show off or be boastful, for indeed I ask my reward only from Allaah. I only mention this to entice and encourage the brothers on the present appeal. We currently have a $3400.00 debt, that needs to be repaid by Sunday morning. I am asking the brothers to give in this month of Ramadan, during the last ten days to help us pay off this debt. We are looking for:
1. 34 brothers @ $100.00
2. 17 brothers @ $200.00
3. 8 brothers @ $450.00
Brothers, this is the last ten days of Ramadan, and by Allaah, none of us knows if we will witness these blessed days again, so use this opportunity to gain some sadaqa jaariyyah. If we raise more than the amount needed, it will be put to the next conference (in the winter insha Allah). Spread this to other brothers that may be willing to help us pay off this debt.
Indeed what you give from your wealth here will remain with you in the hereafter.
Lawrence will be collecting the funds, so please forward all payments to him.
Abu Hafsah Kashiff Khan

May Allah accept all our deeds, aameen.

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  1. S H permalink

    Assalaamu alaikum

    Is there a Bank account we can make a payment to or paypal account?

    S H (UK)

  2. How does the masjid still need? Can you plz. check with Br. Kashiff hafidhahullaah?

    • I will insha Allah get in touch with Br. Kashiff Khan and let you know soon.

      BarakAllahu feekum,
      Abu Musa

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